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Our services are deeply rooted in organisational psychology and leadership communications. We do what we know works and we enjoy getting real results through understanding and working closely with our clients and their people.

Using assessment and measurement to gain insight into organisations and people is at the heart of what we do. Our organisational psychologists and leadership experts recognise that valid, deep assessment and understanding of people mitigates risk and optimises outcomes. We offer the following solutions, both face-to-face and virtual:

  • Assessment for development of key staff

  • Independent, objective assessment of critical hires 

  • Objective, external assessment as part of change or restructures

  • Psychometric advice and implementation, using the best evidence-based tools available

  • Assessment and development centres

  • 360 feedback – design and delivery of bespoke surveys or off-the-shelf tools 

  • Competency framework development.

We provide a broad range of impactful Leadership Development Programs where we challenge leaders to step outside of their comfort zones to grow and learn. We research and curate the best leadership development thinking and apply a variety of proven frameworks and models. We offer:

  • The design and facilitation of face-to-face and virtual leadership development workshops from emerging leader to senior executive level

  • Experienced, impactful leadership facilitators, who understand the challenging conversations that need to be had, in a safe way, to maximise learning and growth

  • Workshops that build a range of leadership skills - from self-awareness, resilience and well-being to storytelling and difficult conversations

  • Engaging, interactive workshops that assist staff and leaders to build their Personal Brand 

  • Programs to help leaders enhance their ability to think strategically, influence with impact, and to support others through change.

In a competitive market, we understand that building and maintaining high performing teams is a critical way to remain ahead of your competitors. We help organisations harness the power of the collective through our team tools, frameworks and interventions. We offer:

  • Diagnostics to understand team dynamics at the individual and group level

  • The High Performing Team Questionnaire (HPTQ) to help your teams understand collective strengths and development needs

  • Facilitating team workshops to encourage robust discussions in a psychologically safe environment

  • Group and individual coaching to help your teams sustain their high performing status.

Effective leadership is as much about impact on others – colleagues, clients, Boards, governing bodies and the media – as it is about strategic and organisation decision-making. We help leaders to hone their skills and strategies, aligning how they’d like to be experienced and described, with how they’re actually experienced and described. We support leaders to develop their presence, through mastery of visual, vocal and verbal elements of interpersonal communication. 

Drawing on performing arts, media and educational expertise, we offer:

  • Presentations that Make a Difference: public speaking workshops and coaching

  • Leadership presence and personal brand development, group workshops and individual coaching

  • Media skills workshops and coaching that enable leaders to front the media, both in times of opportunity and in the pressure and pace of crisis.

We know that the future performance of your organisation is guided by identifying your most talented staff and accelerating their development. We use science and evidence to accurately assess potential and identify ways to help people reach their maximum. We work with our clients to help direct staff into the most relevant career pathways, that fit their aspiration and capacity to take on work of increasing complexity, ambiguity and scale. We offer:

  • Frameworks and tools to support talent identification and development

  • The award-winning, proprietary High Potential Identification Questionnaire (HPIQ™)

  • Talent management strategy development and advice

  • Guidance to set up and manage talent roundtables in your organisation

Executive Coaching is widely viewed as an essential tool in developing, retaining and enriching the leadership and performance of valued executives and staff. It is most effective when provided by trained, experienced professional coaches, and this is a hallmark of the People Measures approach. We only use the best, most professional coaches and match them to your needs. We offer:

  • Executive Coaching: to enrich the leadership tool kit for senior executives, executives and managers

  • Media & Communication Coaching: to enhance personal brand, presence and communication

  • Career Coaching: to assist staff to navigate their career choices and decisions

  • High Potential Coaching: to assist personal and professional growth

  • First 100 Days Coaching: to help hit the ground running in new roles

  • Diversity Specific Coaching: to assist members of Indigenous, gender and other groups

  • Wellbeing & Resilience Coaching: to manage personal and team wellbeing.


People Measures enables people and organisations to articulate their meaning and build long-term engagement internally and externally.


Women in Leadership Development (WILD) takes women on a deep dive to discover their powerful self. WILD is designed to look at the challenges of leadership through a gender lens, further develop leadership skills, establish a unique voice and build enduring connections with WILD colleagues. We offer:

  • An awarding-winning and inspiring program format

  • Option for individuals to join our People Measures’ public WILD program with women from diverse industries and sectors

  • Option to tailor a program to bring together a cohort of women from your organisation

  • Program customisation options to include the addition of assessment, individual coaching and development planning 

  • Programs from emerging through to executive level leaders - using a blend of online and face-to-face delivery as required

  • Experienced program facilitators who have designed and delivered programs for women across a range of sectors and industries.

We are proud to open up applications for our 2021 WILD program. There will be two programs run across the year. Program 1 will commence in March 2021 and Program 2 will commence in August 2021. For more information please download the brochure.


Download program brochure

To register, fill out the application form and email: wild@peoplemeasures.com.au

We have offices in Melbourne (03 9681 6230), Sydney (02 9262 1917) and Canberra (02 6113 5512). Wherever you are, we're here to talk.

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