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Executive Leadership Development

Effective leadership matters more than ever. It inspires people and motivates them to perform. An organisation’s leaders not only reflect its values but are the greatest driver of culture. 

The importance of leadership

A wealth of research shows clear links between effective leadership and organisational performance. Leadership development requires learning based on problem-solving in real-life situations, reflection on actual experiences, confronting assumptions and challenge from new ideas. Knowing the theory is no guarantee of being a good leader, as it ultimately has to be proven effective through application.

What is our approach?

People Measures’ approach to leadership development is different. We examine research and frameworks from world-class institutions and seminal thinkers to ensure our programs reflect contemporary, evidence-based leadership development thinking.

Our programs are known for making an impact, to the leaders, to the people who work for and with them, and most importantly to organisations and their outcomes.

People Measures draws heavily on Heifetz’s Adaptive Leadership model which is a powerful vehicle to make progress on very complex issues and effect change. Beyond models that focus on process, it helps to equip leaders with approaches to lead through complex, interdisciplinary, often wicked problems, that incorporate the emotional, cultural, values, and attitudinal aspects that hinder people’s engagement and progress toward organisational goals. 

We deliver both horizontal and vertical learning in our leadership programs.

  • Horizontal learning is the development of new skills and tools that support critical leadership behaviours such as effective coaching, resilience, strategic and systemic thinking and courageous conversations.
  • Vertical learning supplements this – it focuses on challenging the leaders’ assumptions about themselves and the world and asks them to explore what other perspectives and interpretations might be important to consider. This is tough work (for the learners and facilitators) but is often critical to make sustainable, step-change improvement in leadership outcomes.

People Measures is known for the work we do with leaders both in expanding their knowledge as well as transforming their thinking. We challenge workshop participants, nudge them into different ways of thinking and reflection, and create a safe yet challenging space for the real conversations that need to happen for culture change and personal growth to occur.

Executive Leadership Development Training offered by People Measures
People Measures offer Executive Leadership Development training across the East Coast of Australia

What do we offer?

  • The design and facilitation of in person and virtual leadership development workshops for senior and mid-level executives as well as emerging leaders
  • A range of program offerings to suit your organisation’s needs. We have options for short courses, standalone leadership modules and design customised, full-year programs including multiple workshop days and a mix of different learning opportunities throughout the year
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable facilitators, trained in Adaptive Leadership theory and practice through Harvard University and/or AALI (Australian Adaptive Leadership Institute) trained.
  • Experienced, impactful leadership facilitators, who understand the challenging conversations that need to be had, in a safe way, to maximise learning and growth
  • Workshops that build a range of leadership skills – from self-awareness, resilience and well-being to storytelling, personal brand and difficult conversations
  • Programs to help leaders enhance their ability to think strategically, influence with impact, and to support others through change.’

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific leadership needs, strategic objectives and culture, and then ensure our design and delivery meets these needs.

Our approach is flexible, and we never consider program design as ‘fixed’. 

A holistic approach to developing leadership skills

Our leadership development programs can seamlessly integrate with other services, such as assessments and coaching. By combining leadership development with assessments, we can provide a comprehensive understanding of individual leadership strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth. 

This data will inform the personalised coaching that follows, enabling leaders to work on targeted areas for improvement and capitalise on their strengths.

Explore our full range of services today, and learn more about how we can improve your organisation with leadership development in Australia. 


Our offerings include in-person and virtual workshops for senior, mid-level and emerging leaders. These leadership development programs include short courses, standalone leadership modules and fully customised, year-long programs to address specific leadership needs.


Yes, our leadership development programs are highly customisable. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their strategic objectives, organisational culture and leadership requirements. Based on this understanding, our skilled facilitators offer leadership development in Australia that aligns with your vision.

We are strong advocates of gauging the success of our programs through concrete results, including the advancement of leadership skills and overall team performance. Our approach involves a strategic blend of participant feedback, performance metrics and follow-up assessments to evaluate success. We also help participants to work on their leadership development plans and success can also be gauged by how they make progress on these plans. 

Our commitment to customisation means we don't offer a fixed program duration. Instead, we collaborate with you to identify the scope, depth and desired outcomes of the leadership development program. Whether you're seeking a short course to address specific skill gaps or a comprehensive year-long program for a profound transformation, we're here to design a solution that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

While the principles of effective leadership are applicable across the board, we also recognise the nuances of different industries. We tailor examples and case studies to resonate with participants from diverse sectors, ensuring the content remains relevant and relatable.