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Team Development

Building and maintaining high performing teams is a critical way to remain ahead of your competitors. We help organisations harness the power of the collective through our team tools, frameworks and interventions.

Why invest in high performing teams?

High performing teams can be defined as those which serve their clients well and become increasingly capable over time. Effective teamwork leads to more engaged employees and builds positive team and organisational cultures that lead to improved outcomes.

High performing teams collaborate openly towards a common purpose, are more innovative, adapt to changes in their environments more effectively, and make better progress on complex challenges.

People Measures can help you with your Team Development needs

What's our approach?

Our approach to high performing teams is unique in that we apply both an individual and collective lens to this work. For teams to perform at their optimum, they not only need individuals who are self-aware and performing well, but the dynamic between the individuals is just as important.

People Measures works with people holistically (considering the behaviour, capabilities, preferences and motives that shape their unique working and leadership styles) and systemically (considering themselves and the role they play at a group level). This involves working with teams at three levels:

  • Me – Our work here looks to help build self-awareness in individuals regarding their strengths, development needs and the values and motives that drive their behaviour.
  • We – We explore the interpersonal dynamics by helping team members understand the roles they usually assume and that others take up in turn.
  • Us – We help team members see themselves as part of a larger system, i.e. a team or an organisation. We work with them to clarify values alignment, roles and how to deliver results collectively.
Three Levels of Team Development Training by People Measures

Our approach to high performing teams is unique in that we apply both an individual and collective lens to this work. This involves working with the team at three levels.

Why partner with People Measures for your team development?

People Measures has conducted extensive research into high performing teams. Our psychologists and development experts have wide experience of working with a broad range of teams across a multitude of industries and levels of seniority, from high performing teams through to some highly challenging teams.

We help teams understand what matters most to them as individuals and as a collective, to unleash the full potential of the team.   

The tools and models we use

People Measures are psychological and team assessment experts, and we only use reliable and validated diagnostic assessment tools, such as personality questionnaires, to help team members gain new insights into their preferences based on the way they interact with others and how they approach their work.

Results from individual diagnostics help to highlight an individual’s most and least preferred roles in the workplace and how to leverage them effectively when working with others.

High Performing Teams model

People Measures has conducted extensive research into what constitutes a high performing team and we have developed a questionnaire to measure this called the High Performing Teams Questionnaire (HPTQ)©. The HPTQ© is unique compared with other team diagnostics as it helps to raise awareness to the dynamic that exists between its constituents, rather than just focus on individuals’ preferred team style.

Based on our research and practitioner experience, we know that high performing teams are purposeful, supportive and challenging, focused and accountable and adaptable. When teams work in this way, they create a high-performance environment. Through facilitated conversations in team workshops, individuals can explore areas of strengths and areas for focused development as a team.

Build high performing teams through tailored team development in Australia

People Measures partners with organisations with diverse profiles and backgrounds, ensuring that you achieve the results you’re after. 

  • Startups — Establishing a cohesive, high-performing team is crucial from day one. Our bespoke team development programmes lay the foundation for psychological safety, including strong communication, trust, and collaboration among your core team members. 
  • SMEs — Resource constraints are common, and maximising your team's potential is essential. Our team development solutions empower SMEs to identify team dysfunction, optimise performance and improve communication to enhance productivity and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. 
  • Larger organisations — Whether you are in the private sector or a public service agency, you face unique challenges—such as managing geographically dispersed or departmentally varied teams. Our programmes are custom-designed to navigate these intricate landscapes. Our team development programs are tailored to address these complexities.

Combining team development with assessments and more

At People Measures, we understand that robust solutions to team challenges often require a multifaceted approach. We use assessments to identify individual and team strengths, weaknesses and development areas. Whether it's personality assessments, identifying preferred work roles or 360-degree feedback, we integrate these insights to help you create targeted individual development plans and team charters.

We also offer a range of supplementary services to create and sustain high-performing teams, such as leadership development, executive coaching, team coaching and culture assessment. These services can be seamlessly integrated into your team development journey to address any specific challenges or opportunities your organisation may encounter. Learn more about our range of services today.


People Measures uses reliable and validated diagnostic assessment tools, including personality questionnaires and the High Performing Teams Questionnaire (HPTQ), to help teams gain insights and provide input for meaningful team development workshops or coaching sessions.

The time it takes to build high performing teams can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the team. It can range from a one-time workshop to an ongoing, long-term engagement.

Results can include improved teamwork, role clarity, a clearer sense of purpose, enhanced communication, increased productivity, a better team culture and an openness to learning and innovation. 

Absolutely. Our offerings are designed to accommodate the distinct challenges of remote teamwork through virtual workshops and assessments.

We gauge the efficacy of our programmes through a variety of metrics, encompassing team performance, employee sentiment, productivity gains, and the realisation of specific team objectives.