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Psychological Flexibility & Resilience

People Measures is committed to playing our part in creating healthier workplaces and better futures for all. There is no doubt that the world of work is becoming more and more demanding. 

Psychological Flexibility Australia

In today's fast-paced world, achieving peak performance and well-being in the workplace is essential. Whether it's excelling in communication, making sound decisions, solving problems creatively or minimising errors, one key factor consistently underpins success: psychological flexibility training. 

Our psychological flexibility training program can help you with: 

  • Improving concentration — Finding ways to stay focused and present in the workplace.
  • Creating more relevant goals — Connecting everyday tasks to main goals, and boosting motivation.
  • Promoting adaptive behaviour — Breaking free from negative habitual patterns of behaviour, such as procrastination.

How can your company benefit from psychological flexibility in Australia?

With psychological flexibility training, individuals and teams can unlock higher levels of motivation, task focus, well-being and performance.

  • Enhanced well-being — Encouraging psychological flexibility can lead to improved mental health among employees. By helping them effectively navigate stress, uncertainty and adversity, your workforce becomes more resilient and experiences reduced burnout.
  • Increased job performance — When individuals develop psychological flexibility, they become better equipped to focus on tasks and adapt to changing work demands. This heightened adaptability translates into improved job performance as employees become more agile in their problem-solving and decision-making. 
  • Strengthened workplace relationships — Psychological flexibility promotes empathy, effective communication and collaboration. When colleagues can understand and support each other in challenging situations, it fosters stronger relationships and a more harmonious work environment.
People Measures can help you with all of your Workplace Resilience needs


We are being asked to do more with less, navigate ongoing changes, embrace new technologies, respond to unexpected shocks, whilst not turning a blind eye to our personal responsibilities and aspirations.

This multitude of external forces can inundate us, leaving us in a state of constant overwhelm. We lose our capacity to perform at our best, and our ability to sustainably manage work, family and community commitments is compromised.

The organisations that will prosper most in these challenging times will be the ones with healthy, thriving cultures, where employees are not drawn into the downward spiral of unsustainable workloads, relentless pressure, reduced personal agency, and burnout.

Leadership teams will need to be genuinely committed to creating systems, processes and workplace cultures that enable people to thrive. These leaders will also need to know how to prioritise their own wellbeing so that they have the resilience to lead with purpose and passion. 

Workplace Resilience Training with People Measures


All our work is deeply rooted in psychology, human behaviour, and organisational culture, which means we are uniquely attuned to the interplay between individual and systemic factors in workplaces.

Our team of registered psychologists, leadership development specialists and organisational culture experts explore resilience and thriving through multiple lenses. We know there are no quick fixes in this area, and what is needed is a thoughtful, committed, and balanced approach.

At an individual level, we have developed a range of evidence-based practices that are known to improve self-awareness, build psychological flexibility, bolster resilience, and equip people with skills and mindsets that help them thrive.

We draw on decades of research from the fields of cognitive psychology, positive psychology and wellbeing science to inform our work in this area, and share our expertise via practical workshops, psycho-education sessions, and one-on-one coaching.

At the organisational level, we help leadership teams understand the ways that entrenched systems, processes and behavioural norms enhance or impinge efforts to create healthy, sustainable work practices that allow people and teams to thrive.

We support them to make the adaptive changes that are needed within the system in order to progress towards more sustainable ways of working.

What we offer

All our resilience and thriving programs including our Psychological Flexibility Training Program are contextualised for the workplace and delivered by registered psychologists and leadership development experts. We can customise offerings to suit your needs – for example, lunch-and-learn sessions, half day, or whole day programs, and can work with you online or in person. 

At the individual level we offer:

  • Facilitated workshops where participants learn practical, evidence-based strategies to bolster resilience and promote a state of thriving
  • Integrated solutions where resilience and thriving topics are seamlessly incorporated into our broader leadership development offerings
  • One-on-one coaching to help bolster resilience and help people thrive

At the organisational level we offer:

  • Consultation with leadership teams to help them make the adaptive changes needed in their organisational systems and cultures to promote more sustainable, psychologically healthy ways of working 

The organisations that will prosper will be those with healthy, thriving cultures, where employees are not drawn into the downward spiral of unsustainable workloads, pressure and burnout.

Our team of registered psychologists, leadership development specialists and culture experts work at the individual and organisation levels using a range of evidence-based practices to enable people and teams to thrive.

Develop your psychological flexibility in Australia with People Measures

At People Measures, we offer a range of workplace training programs that empower your team. We provide comprehensive assessments to gauge the current state of psychological flexibility within your organisation. Our Psychological Flexibility Training program can also be combined with our Leadership Development programs, since strong leadership fosters a culture of psychological flexibility. Explore our range of services to shape a brighter future for your organisation. 


Psychological flexibility is the ability to adapt one's thoughts, emotions and behaviours in response to changing circumstances. This can lead to improved stress management and healthier workplace habits.

Yes. At People Measures, we offer workplace programs to help you build psychological flexibility in Australia. You and your team can learn the necessary skills to stay concentrated on tasks for longer periods of time, change unhealthy patterns of behaviour and boost overall motivation. 

Our People Measures psychological flexibility training program is designed to help your organisation harness the power of psychological flexibility. By investing in your employees' mental and emotional well-being, you can create a thriving workplace where people are motivated, resilient and fully aligned with your company's values.