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Organisational Culture

At People Measures, we believe that understanding organisational culture is more than just considering employee engagement. 

Understanding culture

Understanding culture involves analysing both the visible, tangible as well as the intangible (such as the stories that are told and organisational symbols we see) elements that make up your organisation's culture. 

We help leaders understand and align what happens in the organisation with your purpose, strategy, and values. 

We look at the data you’re not looking at

The approach and technology we use to help you understand and ‘tune’ your culture is not like other consultancies.

We use your existing data, from multiple sources across your organisation (employee, customer, stakeholder, financial, operational, risk) to reveal the rich picture of culture that you may not be seeing today. We also analyse data from outside your organisation including feedback from customers, ex-employees, and other external stakeholders.

People Measures understand the importance of Organisational Culture

Leading culture starts with leadership

We work with your to identify your culture's patterns and behaviours. Drawing on our extensive evidence-based leadership development expertise, we will help you develop leadership capability and behaviours built on data-driven practical actions that lead to results. 

Our iterative and consultative approach means you are involved at every stage. This empowers organisations and leaders at all levels to lead cultural change and track the impact in real-time. We work with you and your leaders focus on what is most important and support you to make managing culture a part of how you work.

Do you want to move beyond the limitations of employee surveys or expensive, retrospective consulting reviews? Equip your leaders to ‘tune’ your culture in sustainable ways? 

Come and speak to us for a real conversation about culture.

“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” – Edgar Schein

The approach we use is not like other consultancies. We use your existing data from multiple sources across and outside your organisation to reveal the rich picture of culture that you may not be seeing.