People Measures has worked with some of Australia's largest corporations, government departments and public entities. We bring the same attributes to our clients: proven techniques to identify and grow leadership talent; a friendly, inclusive style and a robust measurement approach to evaluate success.

How do you best equip middle-managers for a potential step up into senior leadership? That was the question asked of People Measures by a major government entity. We responded with an interactive development program that has won glowing reviews from participants and management.

When Parkville College grew extremely quickly, a green, surprised leadership team needed help to bond and build confidence and trust; in each other and themselves. They called People Measures...

We enjoy getting real results through understanding and working closely with our clients and their people.

Viva’s women were pushed to explore their strengths, weaknesses, confidence and their individual sense of leadership purpose. Participants were given live experience of challenges facing senior Viva leaders and a chance to explore how they would respond. 

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