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WILD Program

WILD (Women in Leadership Development) is our flagship public program, open to women from across sectors and industries.

What is the WILD program?

WILD (Women in Leadership Development) is our flagship public program, open to women from across sectors and industries.

Find out more about the program and see upcoming workshop dates in our WILD Program Brochure or to secure your place for the next WILD program you can register online or email

Our next program will commence in March 2024. 


WILD is for women from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, seeking a development experience to help upskill and prepare for future roles. This is a program for individual contributors through to managers of managers.

You may feel like an emerging leader, or you may feel like a 're-emerging' leader, looking for a reset or ready for a sprint in your development.

This may be your first leadership development program, or perhaps it has been a while since your last opportunity to pause and focus on your development and you feel the time is right. 

What to expect

Throughout WILD you will explore a number of critical topics, including:

  • Personal leadership style; understand your individual strengths and style - how you can best leverage those strengths and when they might get in the way.
  • Leadership, management & technical work; you will better understand the differences between leadership, management and technical work, when you use each type of work and where they overlap.
  • Influence & impact; explore influence at the micro level, and at the system level and draw on tools and models to increase your awareness and impact.
  • Resilience & thriving; learn how to build your psychological flexibility and thrive to enable you to manage the challenges presented in your role.
  • Leading self & others through change; understand the barriers to change and how to support yourself, others, teams and organisations move through change.
  • Leading with purpose; understand and anchor to what matters most; leading with purpose can help sustain you through tough challenges.
  • Breakthrough conversations; learn and practise a framework to hold conversations that can feel difficult.
  • Reflective practice; a critical part of the learning cycle is creating space for reflection. Learn a framework and practice self-reflection during and between sessions.


A participant of the Women In Leadership Development Program offered by People Measures

When & Where


  • Orientation Session March 2024 (online) 


  • Session l: April 2024 (online) 
  • Session 2: May 2024 (online) 
  • Session 3: June 2024 (online) 

Virtual Workshops

  • Workshop l:
    Thursday 21st March 2024 (full day)
  • Workshop 2:
    Thursday 18th April 2024 (half day)
  • Workshop 3:
    Thursday 9th May 2024 (half day) 

In-person workshop (3 days)

  • Workshop 4:
    Tuesday 4th June 2024 (full day)
    Wednesday 5th June 2024 (full day)
    Thursday 6th June 2024 (full day)

In-person sessions are held in Melbourne. Please note these dates are tentative and subject to change.


“The best thing I learnt was the tools, techniques and theories behind leadership that I can make my own.”

Kat Stevenson – Richmond Football Club


“I'm not comfortable with change, but I learnt to embrace that with being uncomfortable comes that growth.”

Sarah – Women's Housing Ltd


“Learning to let people fall and learn from their mistakes.”

Punita Udeshi – Monde Nissin Australia


“The reality is things have been different for women and this was a safe supportive space to explore that.”

Kat Stevenson – Richmond Football Club


“Being vulnerable and being open to the experience.”

Lena Charles – Clothing the Gaps Foundation


Over 2019-2022, Monash Business School conducted an independent evaluation of the WILD program and outcomes.

It was found that post-program women reported ‘…more confidence in their leadership abilities, more confidence in embracing their leadership potential and more confidence in the value they bring to the organisations.’ 

Women reported more confidence in their leadership abilities, in embracing their leadership potential and in the value they bring to the organisations.

The evaluation concluded ‘…there were significant shifts in thinking and behaviour throughout the course’ and ‘most participants were able to describe how they were already doing leadership differently because of the program.’

The results from this qualitative interview study suggest that the emerging female leaders who participated in the WILD program have expanded both their understanding of themselves and of how leadership can be done.

The One Hundred Percent Project Logo

The One Hundred Percent Project

We are delivering this program in partnership with The 100% Project. People Measures has a long-standing connection with The 100% Project, a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on promoting equality of choice and opportunity for women and men.

"I did not realise quite how transformative WILD would be. I went into it wondering if leadership was for me. I came out knowing I am already a leader, with a framework on which to grow." – Fiona Smith, Bureau of Meteorology 
"This course is unique. It has fundamentally changed the way I think about myself as a leader. I've done leadership courses before but none quite like this. A rare opportunity." – Clare Baldwin, IFM Investors 

"This program was unlike anything I have experienced. It was so powerful. Such a wonderfully holistic and compassionate approach to leadership." – Kat Kakafikas, Vision Australia


WILD provides an opportunity to explore what it takes for women to exercise leadership and take up authority in leadership roles in Australia. This program is not about ‘fixing’ women but looking at leadership through the lens of gender. We look at leadership work as identity work and in this context explore how gender bias and organisational and societal barriers impact women taking up leadership roles. 

WILD aims to support women to focus on their own aspirations, and development goals and to consider the impact they would like to have in their workplaces and communities.

‘I went into it… wondering whether leadership was for me, and I came out of it realising that I was a leader… that was quite transformational for me’.  

Participants continue to benefit by applying the insights and skills gained in the WILD program, in their day-to-day roles. Post-program, people often tell us they have more confidence in their leadership abilities and in the value they bring to their organisation. The broad network of exceptional women that participants connect with during the program serves as a support system beyond the program's duration.