Our services are based in organisational psychology and leadership communications. We do what we know works and we enjoy getting real results through understanding and working closely with our clients and their people.

How do you know who to hire? How do you know which of your executives can grow into next generation leaders? How do you know whether your board or internal teams are operating at capacity? How do you challenge, equip and inspire your star performers to be fully effective leaders who create positive presence? You ask People Measures.


Talent management 

The most effective organisations have a coherent and integrated talent management strategy. It’s essential to risk management, succession planning, protecting against the ongoing ‘war for talent’, and ensuring the viability of senior level skills. Unfortunately, many adopt a patchwork approach to talent management; leading to confusion, inefficiency and missed opportunities. We work with our clients to create an integrated talent management system that clearly aligns HR systems and processes.

Having the right talent in the right roles is one of the most important issues in the workplace today. We partner with leaders to select and develop talent. We also assess high performers to ascertain their future potential and ensure their skills are utilised and developed. Focusing on emerging challenges and capabilities necessary for future success, we work with organisations to design highly effective talent strategies.


Understanding the needs of the organisation and the individual is a vital first step in the design of any leadership development program. Research consistently shows that programs fail to deliver desired outcomes when their relevance is not adequately defined or conveyed. We constantly engage with our clients and participants to ensure that what we deliver matches your objectives.

Successful senior leaders are adaptable, have strong self-knowledge and encourage and enable similar self-awareness in others. Engaging and skilful leadership is invaluable to the growth and success of organisations, where change is a constant. People Measures tailors programs to help senior leaders build the skills required to succeed in an ever-evolving environment.

Leadership communications

People Measures enables people and organisations to articulate their meaning and build long-term engagement internally and externally.

Based on the REDgum model, our communications development is experiential and deeply rooted in authenticity and expression. It helps people experience dramatic improvement in their abilities to express, influence, lead and inspire: to operate to their full potential by knowing and then consistently, authentically and clearly communicating their purpose. We tailor programs in partnership with our clients in Personal Brand, Resilience & Mindful Practice, Interacting with Media and Presentations that Make a Difference.

Assessment & measurement

Using assessment and measurement to gain insight into organisations and people is at the heart of what we do. Valid, deep assessment and understanding of people mitigates risk and optimises outcomes. It enables organisations to address the right issues, hire and promote the right people, identify best talent and implement and measure the most beneficial strategies. We believe that focusing on characteristics such as self-awareness, strategic focus, tolerance of ambiguity, influence and interpersonal skills is fundamental to leader development. Self-assessment and reflection are integral to our development centres, leadership programs and workshops, and we utilise a wide range of reliable and valid tools.

For more than a decade, People Measures has been working

with ASX listed companies, government departments and Not 

For Profits, across Australia and around the world. Australian-based, we have a core team of organisational psychologists and development experts, supported by associates with specific skillsets. Our associates and clients tend to work with us over many years; testament to the efficacy of our work and the relationships we build. 

We are proud to partner with Burbangana Group and The 100

Percent Project to design and deliver purposeful development with strong connection to diversity and inclusion.

We are proud to partner with 

People Measures enables people and organisations to articulate their meaning and build long-term engagement internally and externally.

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