About us

People Measures was established in 2006, and has grown to become an award-winning, evidence-based and values-driven firm that is trusted by governments, leading businesses and communities to develop their greatest assets. We’re organisational psychologists, development experts and industry practitioners who partner with our clients to bring growth and rigour to leadership, assessment, talent management and leadership communications.


For ourselves and others.


We challenge ourselves and others to think and act with purpose.



We focus on helping everyone to reach their full potential.


We know that difference makes us stronger.



All we do is based on the best evidence and science available.



Experimentation and fun are integral to who we are. 

Consistent with our values and strengths

We use our expertise to help clients solve their technical problems or to make progress on their adaptive challenges. We do this by having real conversations and by supporting and challenging others to learn in pragmatic and agile ways. 

Based on learning and growth

We believe that learning and growth come from providing honest feedback seeking alternative perspectives, and encouraging robust discussion. This is what we do for our clients and for ourselves. 

Not always easy or comfortable

Learning requires people to be out of their comfort zones. Our interventions are not always pleasant or fun (though sometimes they are), but they are without exception done in the service of learning and growth. 


Always professional

Our approach is underpinned by our professionalism, our partnership approach and our empathy. 


People Measures brings growth and rigour to leadership, assessment, talent management and leadership communications.

For more than a decade, People Measures has been working with ASX listed companies, government departments and Not For Profits, across Australia and around the world. Australian-based, we have a core team of organisational psychologists and development experts, supported by associates with specific skillsets. Our associates and clients tend to work with us over many years; testament to the efficacy of our work and the relationships we build. 

We are proud to partner with Burbangana Group and The 100 Percent Project to design and deliver purposeful development with strong connection to diversity and inclusion.


We have offices in Melbourne (03 9681 6230), Sydney (02 9262 1917) and Canberra (02 7202 4580). Wherever you are, we're here to talk.

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Level 4, 20-22 Albert Rd
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