Roxanne Kalivas

Roxanne Kalivas is a Project Coordinator at People Measures. Her experience ranges across the private and not-for-profit sectors. Her qualifications include a Masters of International Development & Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University. Roxanne has specialised in developing and implementing social capability programs, models and methods for outcome measurement and monitoring and evaluation.

Prior to joining People Measures in 2017, Roxanne was most recently a Fundraising Research and Compliance Support Officer at The Salvation Army, where she managed various projects within Public Relations. Roxanne also has extensive experience in training and education within her roles as Program Development Coordinator & Senior Program Facilitator for Driver Education Association (DEA). She has also worked abroad as a research consultant with the Federal Demographic Council of the United Arab Emirates, where she facilitated the country’s first ever Cultural Proximity Research Study.

Roxanne is valued for her supportive nature, gregarious humour, and efficiency.  In her spare time, Roxanne enjoys travelling abroad, cooking for her family and friends, and celebrating success.

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