Podcast: James Freemantle, one of People Measures Directors, talks about his non-linear career path

James Freemantle, one of the People Measures Directors, was recently interviewed by Daniel Smith as part of his Stickybeak podcast.

In a fascinating and wide-ranging chat you’ll gain insights into James’s non-linear career pathway, his progressive rural values and the empowering Leadership Development work of People Measures. Daniel said ‘Today I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with James Freemantle from People Measures. With a widely varied background including acting on Neighbours and doing news in Russia, James’ personal story is a really interesting lead in to his journey at People Measures – an award winning firm who are trusted by governments and leading businesses to develop their greatest assets, their people. If you’re interested in consulting or service based businesses, you’ll enjoy this episode.’

We welcome you to listen and learn more about James’s journey: https://stickybeak.live/2021/03/03/james-freemantle-people-measures/