Melbourne heritage walk

As part of the development of our first Reconciliation Action Plan, a glorious late summer day saw the People Measures’ team in Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens. We enjoyed a tour of edible plants (and not so edible plants) from around Australia from our Aboriginal guide, who was highly engaging through her humour and her knowledge of Aboriginal history and native flora. We were also joined by a number of our associates and partners, which was wonderful to connect with them in a different way from usual.

Who knew you could roast the seeds from a flame tree, then soak them in running water for a couple of days, dry them out, grind them to make flour – and then damper? Or make tea from the leaves of a lemon myrtle? 

We took part in a smoking ceremony too – leaves representing the older generation, the middle generation and the younger generation, connecting us with the spirits and the land that nurtures us. 

The core work of People Measures is to support leaders in their growth by encouraging them to question beliefs, identities and behaviours. We are committed to participating in Reconciliation.