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    Gillian Harris


      Gillian works as a consultant at People Measures, while undertaking her Master of Psychology (Organisational) at Deakin University.

      Gillian has many emerging interests within the organisational psychology space, one of which is diversity in leadership. She is currently working on her Master’s thesis, which investigates the Glass Cliff phenomenon and how psychological safety could play a supportive role for women who find themselves in precarious leadership positions. Gillian is also involved in The 100% Project, helping to champion gender equity by producing and sharing research and informing organisations about the value of gender diversity in leadership. Gillian is also enthusiastic about organisational change.

      Prior to her Master’s, Gillian completed her Honours thesis exploring how organisational identity mediates the relationship between organisational change and staff well-being, piquing her interest in organisational psychology.

      Qualifications and Accreditations​

      • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Australian National University
      • Accredited user of Saville Wave, SHL OPQ and Myers-Briggs Company Strong Interest Inventory