People Measures' philosophy is about working with passion and purpose. Part of our daily work is helping others and giving back. We dream of a kinder, fairer Australia - and we are working to achieve that dream.

A tangible, deliberate part of our business is putting time, energy and resources into helping Not For Profit organisations and charities build leadership capacity so they have a better chance of achieving their goals.

We take action based on what we believe: We began our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in consultation with Burbangana Group in 2018; We help fund and support the Waminda South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation, helping Aboriginal women and their families gain access to health care and a stronger connection with culture and community; We help fund and support The 100 Percent Project, which is dedicated to helping more women into executive and board leadership; We design and deliver pro-bono leadership development with Parkville College (school for students who are, or have been in custody); We made a film called Bush to Belly about Indigenous kids making a go of a coffee business in the Kimberley; And we help the Reach Foundation with assessment and development as they support young people. 

These are some of the actions we take to live our values with purpose.

Our philosophy is about working with passion and purpose.

People Measures sees participation in Reconciliation as essential for our work in leadership development within Australia, and we see building our own cultural competence as the starting point. We aim to increase our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in which and with whom we work. 

Our relationship with Waminda South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation has been a significant catalyst in our Reconciliation journey. In 2017 Waminda met with participants in a senior government leadership development program at our request. Soon after they agreed to provide People Measures with a two-day cultural immersion for all our staff. It inspired us and reminded us we had plenty to learn, so we committed ourselves to doing more.

Our leadership programs help leaders focus on adaptive rather than technical responses to problems for which there are no simple painless solutions: problems that require leaders to develop their own social and cultural capacities. Leaders often need to rethink themselves in profound ways; questioning old beliefs, identities, values and images of justice, community and responsibility. Our views on adaptive leadership and our expertise are informing our own Reconciliation journey. 

In 2018 Burbangana Group started helping us develop our Reconciliation Action Plan. Bringing focus to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the social, economic and political issues impacting Reconciliation, it has brought crucial learning and heightened commitment to People Measures. We've recently commenced work together on the Victorian Public Service’s Aboriginal Career Development Program – where Burbangana consultants provide support to both the participants and People Measures’ coaches, including around cultural awareness.

Part of our daily work is helping others and giving back and we take action based on what we believe.

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