Our approach is evidence-based, results-focussed and sustainable. We enjoy being good at what we do and believe that others should get that opportunity too. Clients consistently tell us that we ‘are easy to do business with’. They also say that our real point of difference is depth and quality of conversations we have with people to help them gain insight and to take the appropriate action to enhance individual, team and organisational performance.

We pride ourselves on the depth and quality of the conversation we have with people. When working with participants, we ensure that we not only help people gain valuable insight, but we also have powerful coaching conversations that enable people to use this insight to make choices that help them to grow and develop.   When working with clients, we are prepared to have the tough conversations and to name the elephant in the room.

Unlike some consultancies, we do not clock watch or regularly “re-scope” assignments. To us, getting a great outcome is the main objective.  We regularly go above and beyond to ensure that a good result is achieved. We like to add value and we believe we succeed when our clients succeed. We see it as a long term partnership.

Our philosophy is informed by a number of principles:

  • We ensure that we understand the business context and objectives before we make any recommendations or interventions. We ensure that we clearly and continuously link solutions to business objectives and goals;
  • Valid and reliable assessment provides a critical foundation for effective leadership development;
  • Heightened self-awareness through leadership assessment is the first step to becoming a more effective leader;
  • We know we have two clients. The participant(s) we work with and the organisations that pay the bill. We make sure we add value to both parties and work with integrity in managing any potential conflicts. It is only through honest conversations that people can grow.