A leading bank recognised that it needed to respond quickly to changing global markets and shifts in wholesale funding.   Business was going to become more competitive and more complex and the bank needed to adapt its business model and service offering to clients.  Importantly, they needed people in key roles who could manage the complexity and adapt accordingly – a “capability uplift” was required. 

As such, the bank reviewed its structure and redefined the key people and sales leadership roles required in the future.  There was a job spill and people were asked to apply for the new roles.  

People Measures were retained as a key partner in this restructure.  We partnered the bank in designing a selection system for the new roles to ensure people with the best skills and most potential were in the right roles.  The selection process involved co-interviewing with senior bank executives to help them objectively select people with the required skills.  The assessment itself involved a presentation followed by questions, and a personality questionnaire followed by a behavioural interview.  This information was taken to a national roundtable where other prior performance data was integrated to ensure an objective, defensible and robust process.

To minimise disruption to business, this large project had condensed timelines.  People Measures were able to “scale up” in order to partner with the bank to conduct over 230 detailed assessments across every state in the country and prepared summary information for the selection panel in less than two weeks.  Data from the selection process has since been collated into a needs analysis to help inform future training and support to enable this group to be successful into the future.