Jon Eddy is a highly-experience executive coach and leadership development practitioner.  Jon has built a strong practice in leadership development, based on the adaptive leadership body of thought of Heifetz and Linsky and in team development, using principles outlined in Patrick Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”.  He brings a rare mix of extensive, hands-on business and leadership experience and deep expertise in leadership development and executive coaching.  In his first career - with NAB - he fulfilled an uncommon variety of business roles spanning customer relationship management, risk, marketing, product management and projects and lead large and small teams and projects before transforming himself into a leadership development practitioner and team facilitator and coach, working in public, private, government and community sectors.

Jon is husband to Kiersten and they have two young adult daughters and a loyal family dog.  He enjoys the time he gets with his family, walks on the beach at St Kilda, golf, taking photos for Instagram, reading current affairs and listening to his highly varietal collection of vinyl records.


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