Stories are the fabric that connects us. The last two years have been tough! As we stepped into 2022, People Measures wanted to dream big, imagine a brighter future and start the new year with the hope needed to bring our dreams to life. We believed the power of storytelling could help us do just that. 

By sharing and collecting stories we hoped to connect, uncover life lessons, remind ourselves of what is most important and tap into people’s dreams for the future.

1001 stories? Why so many? 

We set ourselves the challenge to collect 1001 stories in 101 days because it felt overwhelming, hard and somewhat preposterous.

We needed to come up with a number of weird and wonderful ways to work together to achieve our goal. We had to be prepared to try new things, potentially look silly, be vulnerable, accept some discomfort, persist when we wanted to give up and possibly even fail. We believed these were things we needed to practise regularly if we want to achieve the impossible. 

By doing this task as a team we learned more about how we could work better together in 2022, to dream big and imagine a brighter future for People Measures and the clients we partner with.

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How did we go?

We collected stories in a number of weird and wonderful ways. We invited stories from clients, friends, kids, partners, work mates, neighbours and the community too. 


We took to the streets and offered strangers a coffee in exchange for a story. Scary, daunting, incredibly moving were the stories we heard that day and the number of people who were thankful for the opportunity to share. 


We went viral – asking people to share their failures, successes and dreams on LinkedIn. 

We ran ‘rocket writing’ sessions – where we learnt from a creative writing technique used in schools and all created stories in 10 minutes after being presented with a random picture. We did rocket writing in some of our programs and with aged care community groups too. 


We played games as a team – creating songs, celebrating the year that was and the year to come.  


We ran competitions and individually wrote and contributed our own stories too. 


At times, the task was fun, at times it was hard, at times it was deeply moving and all of it constantly reaffirmed the power of stories.   


As a team we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone, we had to be vulnerable, prepared to fail, look silly. In the end we are here today celebrating the process we went through, the lessons we learnt and the stories we collected as a result.  


Everyone has a story to share, even when they think they don’t. Give people the time and space to imagine, be heard and you will be amazed what you can learn. Below are some insights from the People Measures team.

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Everyone has a story to share, even when they think they don't. Give people the time and space to imagine.


In the end we collected 305 stories. While not exactly 1001, more than anything we have grown our understanding of the importance of storytelling. Powerful stories help us understand each other and our world. Particularly during trying times, we turn to storytellers to shine a light on our shared experiences, to celebrate the heroes, and to tell stories the world needs to hear.  

Stories release our memories, our hopes, our imagination. A story can be found in a word. A sentence. A paragraph. A book. It can be a picture, a song, a piece of art, a conversation. Everyone has stories to tell. What are yours?


Imagine this … in November 2021 the People Measures people set themselves the challenge to collect 1001 stories in 101 days! 

Read the wonderful stories that were shared with us.

We hope they inspire you to dream big too!