The last two years have been tough! As we step into 2022, People Measures wants to dream big, imagine a brighter future and start the new year with the hope needed to bring our dreams to life. We believe the power of storytelling can help us do just that. 

By sharing and collecting stories we hope to connect, uncover life lessons, remind ourselves of what is most important and tap into people’s dreams for the future.

1001 stories? Why so many? 

We have set ourselves the challenge to collect 1001 stories in 101 days exactly because it feels overwhelming, hard and somewhat preposterous.

To achieve 1001, the People Measures team will need to come up with a number of weird and wonderful ways to work together to achieve our goal. We will need to be prepared to try new things, potentially look silly, be vulnerable, accept some discomfort, persist when we want to give up and possibly even fail. We believe these are things we need to practise regularly if we want to achieve the impossible. 

By doing this task as a team we hope to learn more about how we can work together in 2022 to dream big and imagine a brighter future for People Measures and the clients we partner with.

Are you intrigued to see how we go?

We plan to track our progress along the way, documenting both our success and failures. We will share our story – the one of us attempting to collect 1001 stories in 101 days – at our ‘Start of Year Gathering’ in February and on this Imagine page of our website. 


We also hope to be able to share the stories of others to help inspire you to dream big too. 

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To reach our 1001 target, we invite you to share a story. We welcome the stories of your kids, partners, work mates, neighbours, community heroes too. 

Sharing your stories with us

If you would like to participate, please send your stories to by 30 Jan 2022.

How will stories be used?

Stories will be collated and presented in a variety of ways during our 'Start of Year Gathering'. This may include being displayed on the night, through guest speakers etc. Stories may also feature on this webpage, which has been set up to promote learning and share stories with those who cannot attend the gathering. We may even collate stories into a book to be sold for the benefit of a not for profit.

If you share a story with us, you can choose to be identified or remain anonymous. 

If you are happy to be identified, please include your name with your story and mention that you are happy to be identified. Note: We will only include your name if we receive written permission to do so.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please mention this when sending through your story. We will ensure your story is de-identified before being used in any capacity.  

Permission to use your story:

By submitting a response, we assume you are providing permission to use and share your story in the ways described in this letter. If you would like more details before providing permission, please feel free to touch base or send your questions to


What does this mean for you? 
We would love your story to be one of the 1001 we collect.

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Share your story with us!
If you would like to participate, please send your stories to by 30 Jan 2022.

Stories release our memories, our hopes, our imagination.
A story can be found in a word. A sentence. A paragraph. A book. It can be a picture, a song, a piece of art, a conversation.
Everyone has stories to tell. What are yours?


Imagine this … the People Measures people have set themselves the challenge to collect 1001 stories in 101 days! 


The Stories

As we collect the stories, we will share them here and keep you keep you posted.