Starting out in your first leadership role can be daunting and getting clear and valuable feedback early on in these roles can be vital to your ability to adapt and be effective

Working with a large financial services institution, we designed and delivered a Development Centre as the first day of a talent program for people in early management or specialist roles.

Participants are observed undertaking activities that allowed them to demonstrate a number capabilities; a group discussion, a leadership role play, a customer conversation and a presentation.  Participants are provided with feedback from an assessor immediately after each exercise.  Prior to the day, participants also complete an Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ ).

Approximately one week later, each participant has a two and a half hour, one on one coaching session where the feedback and themes from the Development Centre and OPQ are explored. The individual’s manager joins the conversation for part of the time, in order to provide their own observations of the participant in relation to the feedback. It also helps prepare the participant and their manager for the learning journey ahead.

“A challenging long day but the experience was enjoyable, fast moving, structured, meaningful and insightful.”

“This was one of the most challenging days I've had in a while and was extremely worthwhile. I learnt so much about myself during this day and could visibly see myself grow and develop in each activity. It was also great to work in a group scenario from the beginning to start building relationships...”

“Immediate feedback after each activity was excellent. The facilitators/assessors/actors were excellent and really challenged me. I enjoyed being put out of my comfort zone."