Karen is an organisational psychologist, executive coach, wellbeing specialist and an Associate of People Measures. She has built her success as a consulting organisational psychologist through 25 years of working with organisations to grow their business by enhancing the effectiveness of their people.  Karen’s core expertise is in the assessment and development of people at work, using a range of approaches tailored to meet the desired outcomes of the individual and client organisation.  She has advised organisations in a wide variety of sectors including banking and finance, government, professional services, manufacturing, not for profit, retail and industrial.  
Karen has a special interest in executive wellbeing and is the co-developer of the Managerial and Executive Wellbeing Survey (MEWS). She uses MEWS with individual clients, teams and executive populations to build wellbeing, foster sustainable performance and enhance productivity.

When not working, Karen is taxi-driver to two teenagers, involved in community work and/or working on her own wellbeing through yoga, walking, travelling and reading.