Coaching Explained

Individual coaching is primarily focused on the development of individual leaders. It is about increasing capacity and reaching goals and is typically targeted at individuals in middle to senior leadership positions. People Measures’ coaches are results orientated, practical and engaging, and ensure the session content is relevant to the development needs of the coachee. Executive coaching offers ongoing, continuous learning, and provides support, encouragement and feedback as new leadership behaviours are practised within the work environment. People Measures’ coaches discuss the rights and responsibilities of both coach and coachee at the outset, as trust, transparency, and a clear understanding of mutual responsibilities is critical to the coaching relationship and its success.

Group coaching works with individuals in a group context. It can be used to build group skills and accountability or embed learning after the completion of a skills program. It can also be used to address issues related to group dynamics. In group coaching, group members share knowledge, empower and support each other, reflect on, and embed learning through action. Group coaching is a facilitated group process lead by a professional coach with the intention of maximising the combined energy, experience and wisdom of individuals in the group to achieve organisational objectives and individual goals. Group members make commitments to their coach and group while assuming responsibility for taking action and achieving results. Group coaching can be a stand-alone initiative or be part of a larger team development initiative.