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Leadership short courses

Public Service Department
Leadership Development


People Measures was engaged in 2022 by one of the Australian Public Service’s largest departments to run a catalogue of short courses as part of a larger offering to provide leaders at multiple levels of the organisation the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.


A range of courses were designed for two specific cohorts: executive-level leader masterclasses, and new and aspiring leader introductory courses, delivered in modular lengths of between two and four hours. These modules covered topics such as: critical decision making, leadership essentials, authenticity, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, influencing skills, working smarter and personal brand.

These sessions were designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the relationship between formal and informal authority as well as management and leadership. They also allow participants to reflect on the association between values, their purpose and behaving ethically, how to develop their personal brand and explore influencing styles.

As part of each module, participants are given tasks to complete back in their workplace including but not limited to gathering 360-feedback by dialogue. Selected reading, video clips and reflection exercises are also provided to support the overall learning.


This program is ongoing, having commenced in 2022 and will continue into 2024. People Measures has received almost universally positive feedback from participants with the below just one representative example of this:

“The host was engaging and expert in their knowledge. The working groups were a great opportunity to talk to others. The scariest part for me was in filming myself when providing my brand statement and replaying it 4 times (as per host’s request). This initially was difficult to do but afterwards having had time to think, it was really beneficial to me. Overall, a fantastic course, one of the best I have done ……. even though it was 3 hours, it flew by.”