Benefits of Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments are the most cost effective tool for predicting future job performance. They provide an objective and standardised view of a range of candidate competencies, such as knowledge, abilities and personality.

Psychometric assessments supply an organisation with valuable information about an individual. These assessments produce results which can be compared against established industry benchmarks, providing a clear positioning of candidates’ potential to perform against large, relevant occupational groups.

Research confirms that the most accurate, holistic view of a candidate is achieved when psychometric assessments are used together with other methods, such as assessment centres and interviews. People Measures note that it is much more difficult to gain the same level of insight into the potential of a candidate when psychometric assessments are excluded from assessment.

People Measures are not affiliated with any test publisher and can provide impartial and informed advice on the best psychometric assessments to use based on a client's needs and empirical evidence. People Measures can also provide tailored insights into the particular criteria critical to the organisation when determining what psychometric assessment should be used.