People Measures and Assessment and Development Centres

People Measures has built its reputation on conducting exceptional assessment and development centres tailored to meet the specific objectives and needs of your organisation.

The following information provides a brief background to assessment and development centres.

Assessment and Development Centres Explained

The emphasis in these centres is on rigorously observing and assessing behaviours specifically linked to target capabilities.

In these centres, tailored real-life scenarios are created to simulate ‘a day in the life’ of a highly challenging work environment. Behaviours are observed in activities such as case study meetings, role plays, and presentations.  A written activity such as an in-tray or a written report may also be used.

The difference between assessment centres and development centres

We believe that there are applications for programs at both ends of the assessment/development continuum.

Assessment centres are most commonly used in selection processes. They are generally conducted over one day and include a structured integration process following the centre where evidence and ratings are agreed by the assessors.

Development centres, as the name would suggest, are used for development purposes and often run over 2 days. Participants receive immediate, detailed behavioural feedback immediately after and/or during each activity. Participants are encouraged to identify and document specific development needs which emerge from the experience and at the conclusion of the centre, a relevant development course is planned.