360 Feedback Overview

Constructive feedback is very hard to give and receive.

Managers are often reluctant to ask for feedback and equally, most people are reluctant to provide feedback unprompted as they are afraid about how it will be received.

As a result, people often do not find out what they are doing that is ineffective until too late.

Research further confirms that as you become more senior in an organisation, the less feedback you are likely to receive on your style.

360 degree feedback is a popular and powerful way to enable executives and senior managers to receive feedback which can foster positive change and increase self -awareness.

360-degree feedback is a method of systematically collecting opinions about an individual’s performance from a wide range of stakeholders. It is designed so that peers, direct reports, managers, in addition to stakeholders outside the organisation, such as customers, provide open and honest feedback in order to assist an individual to improve. A more complete and constructive picture is created from receiving a range of perceptions, rather than just self-perception.

360-degree feedback can benefit individuals and organisations by increasing self-awareness as it provides people with an opportunity to learn how different stakeholders (e.g. managers, clients, colleagues etc.) perceive them. This knowledge can highlight and confirm key strengths as well as to identify development priorities.

We understand the sensitive nature of communicating feedback within an organisation. Our experience is unrivalled and we ensure feedback is development oriented as opposed to a performance review, foster an environment in which people feel safe and comfortable, provide feedback in a sensitive and professional way and take every possible step to ensure that the feedback leads to action.